Myth: A “traditional” incorporation makes the most sense for a newly formed business.

Fact: Not necessarily.
A major disadvantage of a traditional “C” corporation is that the company pays tax on its income and shareholders pay income tax on the dividends the corporation distributes. An S-Corporation, partnership or Limited Liability Company (LLC) might make more sense—and dollars and cents—for a fledgling business.

One of the major engines of economic growth in the Puget Sound area is the entrepreneurial activities in the technology, finance and professional services sectors. At Smith Law, we have been helping companies structure the legal requirements involved in business start-ups and growth for several decades.

We can help both start-ups and business expansions with:

Every business needs a strong product or service package, a strategic model to support growth, and one often overlooked element: A responsible—and responsive—law firm to provide essential support and guidance.

At Smith Law, we’re prepared to provide the legal support your new or growing business needs.